Monday, January 9, 2012

How to Write a Successful Research Paper

How to Write a Successful Research Paper

If you study at high-school, college or university and you were assigned to write a research paper you will need some recommendations first. In this article we offer you to learn some writing tips for successful research paper. A research paper can take a lot of time if writing it without a special plan. Our writing instructions will help you to write a successful research paper and save hours for other assignments or activities.

Step 1: What is a research paper?

Before starting to do something - learn about it as much as possible. A research paper - is academic writing that requires from student to perform a huge work out of the material and making conclusions on the base of research. There are some steps of creating a research paper that one should know before getting started.

Step 2: Find a topic

Were you assigned a topic? If not, then you have a chance to pick something that would help you in writing. There are some rules that will help you in choosing a topic. 1. The topic name should be catchy and attract reader’s attention. 2. It would be better if you chose something that you are good in. Brainstorm a field of your discipline that you know better then others. 3. Narrow down your topic. 4. Make sure there is enough of information on your topic.

Step 3: Start your research

If you ask yourself how to prepare a successful research paper, then you should know one thing - a good research - is eighty percents of your success. In order to do a good research - make a list of sources first. We recommend you to chose exceptionally reliable and accurate sources. Fell free to ask your professor about book he would recommend you. Then make a list with at least ten good sources and find it in the library or Internet. Remember to make some notes when reading the books - it will help you a lot when you start to write. Note the most important details.

Step 4: Purpose and thesis statement

When you will learn enough of your topic you are able to make some conclusions. Decide on the purpose of your research paper and compose a string thesis statement. Thesis statement should present the main idea of your writing and explain the significance of this paper.

Step 5: Outline and draft

Outline - is one of the most important and useful steps of creating a research paper. Here you define the future structure of your paper and it’s organization. Well-organized papers are always appreciated by professors. Do not start putting the words on paper just after you have created an outline. It is always a good idea to start with a draft. Double-check the draft and ask someone to read it for you, make sure everything sounds good. If you need a custom research paper - feel free to contact now!