Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Common Mistakes in Writing Research Papers

Common Mistakes in Writing Research Papers

The height of the mark always depends on the quality of the research paper, but even the best research paper with reliable content can not be graded with the highest mark, if it is full of stylistic and grammar mistakes or some small obscure errors. That is why every student who wants to complete a perfect research paper has to pay much attention to every point of the paper, every section and citation. Here you can find the list of the most common mistakes in writing research papers and do your best to avoid them in your own papers.

1. The most typical mistake at the very beginning is the disability of students to create a good thesis statement which reflects the purpose and the problem of the research. If you miss this important point, it will be difficult to understand what you are going to research, why you want to research this topic and what you are going to achieve, that is why spend some time to brainstorm a captive urgent thesis statement which can briefly describe the purpose of your investigation.

2. The next mistake is the omission of a detailed outline of the research paper. A good outline will make your paper look well-organized and logically structured. When the thoughts are presented in a good order, smoothly but not chaotically, it is easier to catch the idea and the progress of the investigation.

3. Another mistake is the failure in the presentation of the evidence. Students often forget to support their thoughts with the results of the research of the famous scholars who have investigated this topic before. Try to add at least several quotations with support your ideas but do not overload your paper with them. It is perfect to choose short but captive quotations, facts which are close to the topic under research and never paraphrase the text of the original, or you can be accused of plagiarism.

4. The most common mistake is the usage of the improper format and omission of citations. When you write a research paper, ask your supervisor about the required format, unless you want your paper to be accepted. Then, looking for reliable data and evidence, do no forget to cite the quotations which you use in your paper, because you will be caught on plagiarism. A teacher will recognize the work of the professional scholar at once and you will not be able to prove that you did not have any intention to steal his ideas.

5. Finally, many students are so happy to have completed their research paper, that they forget to proofread it carefully. Check spelling and punctuation with the help of your PC and reread it several times to make sure the grammar is right and whether the paper sounds well. 

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