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Bullying Research Proposal

Research Proposal on Bullying

When students decide to prepare a well-analyzed research paper about bullying, they have to write a good research proposal on the topic at first, which is supposed to attract the professor’s attention to the importance of this problem. If you wish to complete a perfect example of a research proposal on bullying, you have to raise your knowledge of the topic and convince the reader the problem is really urgent, painful and needs solution.

Bullying at school is a wide spread problem and children from all over the world suffer from it. At least one student at every class of every school is treated violently. He is ignored, humiliated, kicked and treated like a second rate material. Very often older students abuse the younger ones to show they are stronger, more experienced and cleverer and very often teachers and parents do not notice that their children are always nervous, hate school, do not have friends.

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Bullying can be expressed in various ways: in the classroom, in the Internet. Today there are many cases when a child is abused in the web in the social networks and suffers because of it greatly. Bullying in the Internet often spread to the bullying in the real world. Students see their classmate being abused in the web and they continue humiliating him at school. Psychologists have proved that bullying influences child’s nerves and minds seriously, as they lose confidence, joy of life, self esteem.

A well-structured logical bullying research proposal should illustrate the life of the abused children and convince the readers that the existence of this problem ruins a child and the whole society, because such children who have low self esteem think they are worse and do not become successful in future; then, it often leads to criminal and other negative actions. That is why the aim of the research is to show the topic from all sides and present some methods which can defeat this problem.

In order to brainstorm wise solutions one has to know much about bullying. So, pay enough time to find reliable data about the topic, like books, articles, observations of various scholars who analyzed and studied the problem earlier. It will be quite useful to watch several movies connected with the problem, which has become quite popular in cinematography. It will be a success if you manage to interview a child who has experienced bullying on his own skin and make your research more effective and valuable.

When you improve your knowledge, you will be able to analyze the topic critically and offer effective solution to the problem of bullying. Finally, present some methods which will help the abused children cope with their fears and have a normal life.
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