Saturday, March 16, 2013

How to Write a Research Paper in MLA Style

How to Write a Research Paper in MLA Style

MLA is the well-known style of writing, which is used in paper writing at high school, college and university. The Modern Language Association style is quite widely used for writing papers in humanity disciplines, like literature, arts and language. Very often writing a research paper in MLA style causes big troubles for students and they start looking for professional writing help in the web. Here students can take advantage of the well-analyzed logical tips for research paper writing in MLA style.

Create a Good Title:
Remember that you have to complete the whole research paper in MLA style, so start writing and formatting it from the very beginning, from the very first page. Organize the first page according to the requirements of your educational institution or personal requirements of the professor. Set the margins of the page equal to 1 inch from all sides. The top margin will be equal to ½ inches. From the left margin organize tab in ½ inches. Write your name, the name of your teacher, class title and on the top of the page do not forget to insert the date. Below leave enough space for the title of the topic you are going to research. It is up to you what title to create, but it will be a plus if you manage to brainstorm a short but catchy title, which will emphasize the importance of the topic and will reflect the content of the paper.

Write a Good Introduction:
Any research paper can not be started without a sound introductory part. The section should not be very long; a page will completely be enough for it. It is important to make the part logical and mention every essential point you are going to investigate. Mention the title, the problem, purpose of the research, explain why it is urgent and interesting and persuade the reader in the importance of the chosen topic. Focus on the methodology section, because it is the favourite part of every teacher. On the basis of the methods used for research teachers value student’s knowledge and critical thinking skills.

Research the Topic:
In order to complete the paper successfully, it is required to collect data and analyze it well. The aim of MLA style is to help students cite the ideas of the famous writers professionally. When one wants to make a citation, he should do it carefully and insert a citation only in a logical place of the sentence. Every source should be registered with the date, day-month-year, to show the teacher when you have cited it.

Organize a Works Cited Page:
In order to arrange all the cited sources create a Works Cited section in the end of the whole paper and organize the sources in the logical alphabetical order.

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