Friday, October 4, 2013

Conceptual Framework Research Paper

The conceptual framework in this research is to identify some of my semester problems. In identifying the semester problems, the article will identify some of the variables, which will be used in testing my hypothesis. Generally, the conceptual framework for my semester problems describes shared vision that is essential in providing coherence for advanced and initial programs for preparing the students and other professional personnel. Using the conceptual framework in this type of research is beneficial in outlining possible courses of action in solving some of my semester problems. The conceptual framework will also be beneficial in presenting the necessary approach, which helps me in understanding my semester problems (Andrew, et al 2011).

Problem Statement
While the time spent in Campus is full of happy experiences, and fond memories, university life is sometimes full of problems and rough patches. Most of our problems were unique depending on our current circumstances. However, most of our semester problems and challenges were mainly due to education and monitory issues. Other general problems during that I experienced during the semester were depression and homesickness issues, choosing a major and relationship issues.
Campus is always challenging. Generally, campus requires enough effort than colleges and high school did. As campus students, we take more than 15 credit semester, which seems impossible for most of the students to be on top for long. Homesickness and depression are also one of the challenging issues during the semester. However, homesickness was worse during my years as a freshman. Every problem during the semester seems quite dismal hence leading to stress levels among the students.
In a situation where depression and stress levels are an issue, the best solution is to seek professional advice. Alternatively, to avoid homesickness, the Campus can organize that its student visits there home at least monthly.

This type of research will use various variables depending on the type of semester problem. Some of the variables, which will ideally fit in this type of research, are the moderator variables and the dependent variables. The moderator variables are the types of variables that can be manipulated. An individual can also measure some of these variables (Hauenstein, et al 1998).
In most cases, the moderator variables can be selected by some of the experimenters to discover if it can modify the existing relationship of an independent variable to a phenomenon that an individual can observe. In this case, the student’s methods of reading and teaching can easily change. The methods of reading and teaching are independent variables while reading achievement are the dependent variable. Gender in this case is the moderator variables. In this case, gender changes or moderates the relationship that exists between the dependent variable and the independent variable (Saunders, et al 1997).
The dependent variables are some of the factors, which an individual can observe and measure to determine independent variables effects. In most cases, they are factors that disappear and appear. 

Alternatively, an experimenter can introduce, vary or even remove. In relation to the semester problems, some of the semester problem variables will include the achievement of a particular reading by the students at the end of the semester. However, this type of variable has close relation with the independent variable, which defines the principal research focus (Saunders, et al 1997).
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