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Research Project on Ergonomics

Research Project on Ergonomics

Applying ergonomics in the workplace has been in existence since the 19th century. It has helped many employers and employees reduce the risk of injury and provide a safe work environment. The meaning of ergonomics comes from two different Greek words and it is often described as relating work equipment with the way employees demand them. The history on ergonomics goes back into the 19th century by Frederick Taylor. Employers benefit from ergonomics in the workplace as well as employees. Research and the readings on ergonomics have made me realize how important it is to apply it in the workplace. Ergonomics has made an enormous difference in the workplace.

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Ergonomics comes from these two words: "Ergon" which means work and "Nomoi" which means natural laws. Ergonomics is defined as the study of human capabilities in relationship to work demands. Ergonomics introduces methods that help reduce the risk of injury in the workplace. Employees are often unaware of different ways to prevent injury; applying ergonomics in the workplace will introduce several methods that help the employees reduce the risk of injury. The most common injuries at the workplace are eyestrain, lower back pain and arm and hand pain.

Ergonomics in the workplace started when a man named Frederick W. Taylor decided to complete a series of studies, which included the improvement of work situations. Taylor was interested in scientific management; therefore, he experimented in different methods on how comfortable workers are and how efficiently they worked with the type of equipment they are provided with. After observing the issues in the workplace, he created a series of theories which eventually turned into "Taylorism".

Ergonomics in the workplace is beneficial to the employers. Applying ergonomics in the workplace decreases the injury risk with employees. Employees are at risk at work everyday, but having the correct equipment to do the job safely, it reduces the chance for an employee to get injured. Employers will spend less money and time on investigating the injuries of injured employees. Ergonomics in the workplace also increases employee efficiency. When they have the proper equipment, they are comfortable at what they are doing and can concentrate on their duties. With increased efficiency, the employers will be glad to know that the employees are working at ease.

Another benefit to the employer is decreased mistakes made by employees. With less mistakes, the employer will not waste any money fixing those mistakes done by careless employees. Increased productivity is what employers look forward to at the end of the day from their employees. Having proper and comfortable equipment will make employees work harder and with comfort. Employees will not have to take any days off if they are not injured. The number of days off taken will decrease when applying ergonomics in the workplace. Lastly, there will be less worker's compensation claims since the workplace will be in a more safe and ergonomically equipped environment.

Employees also benefit from applying ergonomics in the workplace. Employers provide their employees with ergonomically designed equipment such as desks and chairs. Employees that are at a desk needs to have a comfortable environment in order for them to work efficiently. Computer screens need to have the glare screen so that it will not strain the eyes. Employees who stare at the computer screen all day can tend to have a higher risk on eye-strain. Injury to the arm and hands are also common in the workplace; therefore providing a wrist pad for the employee's keyboard is one way it will help prevent that injury.

I have learned many different aspects in ergonomics in the workplace. All the research and readings on ergonomics has broaden my views on the safety and injury prevention in the workplace. Since I work in a retail environment, safety and injury prevention is Bed Bath and Beyond's number one priority when it comes to employees. I never realized how much ergonomics affected the workplace and that improper equipment causes many injuries amongst employees. All the information in this paper was new information that I was not aware of. After learning about ergonomics, it has made me look around my workplace to ensure that our environment is considered ergonomically equipped.

Overall, there are many things to consider when involving ergonomics in the workplace. Any organization's main concern should be the safety of their employees. Employees will work more comfortably when they are provided with ergonomic equipment. They will be efficient, effective and their productivity will also increase. Researching and reading about ergonomics in the workplace has made me realized that my workplace is not ergonomically equipped. Many employees have complained about back pain; this is one reason why I believe our company is not in compliance. I have learned many ideas and concepts of ergonomics and will apply it towards my future plans of opening my business.

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