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Research Paper on Hong Kong

Research Paper on Hong Kong

Honk Kong, the pearl of Asia is considered to be one of the best mixes of the super-industrial and ethnic cultures. Strongly keeping the authentic features and values in the way of life it succeeded in attaining the status of one of the most democratic regions of the Far East.  Modern, dynamic, quickly developing, and at the same time closely connected to the cultural traditions which return it six millenniums ago. Beautiful with its various incredible sights, hundreds of skyscrapers, and among them splendid ancient temples and quiet green parks full of wonderful exotic nature and perfect for the sightseeing. Also famous for its amazingly beautiful golden sandy beaches, grand mountain tops, mysterious rocks and clear blue lakes. Looking at all this natural magnificence it is difficult to believe that it is one of hi-tech industrial centers in the world and that foreign currency reserves of Hong Kong make 80 billion dollars.

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How did the ordinary Asian territory manage to achieve such great economical results and to retain unique Chinese culture at the same time? A little bit of history will help us to clarify this and to analyze the conditions Hong Kong was developing in during last two centuries.

It was the beginning of 16 century when English reached Hong Kong. At that time it was a small peaceful fishermen town, the abandoned part of a mighty Chinese empire. Interested in tea and silk trading, conquistadors settled export ways very quickly. Although after little time passed and Englishmen found more profitable ways of trade. In 1773, they unloaded 70,000kg (155,000lb) of Bengal opium, and began distributing it among the population. Chinese emperor concerned about rising amount of addicted people and the impetuous benefits of the English traders, forbidden opium trade. Still during next years English managed to bribe local authorities and to continue profitable import. In 1839 the second set of emperor’s orders were signed. Without any desire to stop advantageous business English blockaded southern Chinese port Canton and requested to countermand all emperor’s rescripts and to yield the town of Hong Kong to the force. It was 26 of January 1841, when the island were reorganized into the British colony. All these facts remained in history as “opium wars”. In the beginning of the 20th century the small port started converting into one of the biggest trading and industrial centers of the Far East. Many factors influenced such swift progress. Japanese invasion caused mass migrations of the successful Chinese capitalists to the colony and this precipitated manufacture development. At that time English and Chinese universities were established. First insurance companies and banks appeared as well as modern technologies started being produced. English didn’t interfere in property market creation, still, they controlled everything carefully. With the advent of a strong middle class in Hong Kong it became successful example of prosperity in Asia. In 1997 Hong Kong was returned to China with the promises of not imposing different kind of political system and any other changes except of the restriction of the foreign policy. Following the bilateral treaty of the handover, without changing low and government systems Hong Kong became Special Administrative Region within the measures of the People’s Republic of China for at least 50 years.

Today the region is famous for the super modern facilities and extraordinary natural beauty welcoming everybody and leaving an unforgettable impression. There is a big brand new international airport Chek Lap Kok which was open on Lantau Island in June 1998 with an excellent service and relatively cheap fares. Although going there through the mainland China by train or bus would be no less interesting, still visas are required for the border crossing. From the airport modern fast trains and buses will bring you to the Island of Hong Kong in about 20 minutes. There are enough various more or less expensive options – shuttle buses and taxis, old harbor ferries and narrow trams, ultra modern trains and world’s longest escalator. North and industrial part of the Hong Kong is provided with the famous ultra-modern MTA (Mass Transit Railway) will get you to the biggest centers faster than it is possible to imagine. Also there is Light Rail Transit (fast, modern, air-con trams) run in the New Territories and double-decker trams running North Part of the Island. Renting a car is possible but not advisable – the traffic is clogged and unusually complicated. Fast convenient, cheap, modern public transport prevents from spending hours in traffic jams and makes getting around comfortable and enjoyable.

Apart of all these technical advantages and progress Hong Kong is worth visiting for its attractions and nature which are rather difficult to be found anywhere else in Asia. Famous not only for the most recent technical “equipment” but for the old temples and monasteries, which knew no destroying cultural revolutions and were never touched by any government and never converted into museums. 

Thus still keeping an enigmatic atmosphere lost in other even older places. This is the best place for the Buddhists as well as for those who are interested in Asian culture and religion On the Lantau Island there is the biggest bronze Buddha statue in the world, and the monastery where gathered together ten thousands of Buddha statues. Here in city of “stony jungles” is still possible to see 300 years old hamlet with the huts built just on piles. The other major enticement is floating restaurants, Jambo- the one well known for its exquisite cuisine and special transport taking visitors there. All this might be included in a sampan tour of the Aberdeen Harbor, which is definitely worth the expense. Tsim Sha Tsui territory, which is on the Kowloon Island, the “brother” Island of the Hong Kong, completely consists of shops, restaurants, pubs, camera stores etc. and is very lively at night. 

Still here is Hong Kong cultural center located, the Space Museum, the Museum of History. And definitely one of the best places the top of Victoria peak (552m above the sea level) – fantastic views in all directions, dazzling at night and splendid and colorful in daylight Hong Kong with its harbors will remain in your heart forever.

In conclusion I would say that Hong Kong history disproves Kipling’s aphorism “East and West will never meet”. Symbiosis of European and Chinese civilizations led to the incredible results. Hard working disciplined population rouse super-industrial region with advanced economic results. 

Ancient historical places, attractive natural corners on the New Territories and small islands with its exotic beaches make Hong Kong a romantic place for visiting. Variety of attractions, huge markets, luxury restaurants with any cuisine you may prefer, as well as tiny cozy places with where is possible to try local food, nightclubs, etc. is an essential part of Hong Kong and all this in combination with fast modern transport systems, extra convenience, and excellent service.
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