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Health Care Management Research Paper

Health Care Management Research Paper

Health care and its purposes 
Through many generations health was one of the most important components and aspects of the successful and strong community. Governments together with country’s physicians constantly work on exploring new illnesses and diseases appearing in the world. They work on finding all the possible tools for fighting illnesses and to making its county’s people free of health problems. The word “health care” is comparatively new. Before this term has appeared and developed, people used word “medicine” for describing the service, which was providing with the help of prevention and treatment of a certain disease. Later health care became one of the largest industries in the world. It has millions of customers, who use its services every day. Health care industry takes care of everything that is connected to the person’s health and his or her treatment. It consists both of services provided by and products used in the medicine. Health care offers a wide variety of professional assistances such as dental and medical, nursing, alternative medicine, pharmaceutical, and many other services. All these subdivisions of health care are aimed at improving and maintaining every person’s physical and psychological conditions.

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Health care consists of many separate and completely different components. Each component is another big and complex system, which requires a lot of knowledge and professional skills. For delivering each service to people effectively, a group of professionally trained physicians must be able to work closely together and communicate within the system. In order for health care as a whole to function properly, all these systems and people within those systems must learn how to effectively put teamwork into practice in their day-to-day operations. All the big organizations, which are offering a wide range of medical services, face the situation, where people of different specialties and practices have to join together in one team. Teamwork does not only provide medical organizations with a possibility to lower their costs and patients with a faster and more convenient service, but also help physicians to improve their skills and gain additional knowledge, which can be useful in their own sphere of expertise.

Definition of the Teamwork 
The concept of the team came to the world of business from sport, where each player individually has little power until he joins the rest 10, 8, 9, etc players. The reason for different people to come together and play as one is to win the game and get rewarded. It is well known that the most important force that makes team functioning properly is the understanding of the common purpose and the harmony within the team. Each member of the team gets an opportunity not only to develop his own skills and abilities, but also to receive additional information from his or her colleagues, which can be applied to his or her own playing technique later on. However, when different people from different backgrounds and with different beliefs join in one group, they are often faced with challenges in understanding and accepting each other.

Teamwork in Health Care 
The importance of teamwork within health care organizations became very important and continues growing every day. Organizations, which are providing medical services to their customers, realized the great advantage of having many separate divisions functioning effectively as one. In the medicine any physician, no matter what he or she is specializing on, works toward the same goal- providing professional help to the patient. In case physician works in the organization together with many other physicians, he or she has to constantly interact with his or her colleagues in order to provide the patient with the best assistance. It often happens that specialists of different areas in medicine provide the same patient with the treatment, however, do not function as a team and do not have a feeling of working toward the same goal. They feel and act independently and are not willing to limit their independence by becoming a member of the team. Additionally, any team has a leader and all the decisions are made either by him or her, or collectively. All the members become responsible for sticking to these decisions and cannot ignore them by acting differently. The important point about teamwork is that every professional must understand him- or herself the importance and advantage of working together.

Teamwork in health care has many advantages both for patients and professionals providing medical treatment. One of the most important benefits of health care professionals working closely together is that the medical procedures do not require a lot of time. Whenever patient needs to make any kind of analysis, he or she does not have to spend half of the day running from one physician to another. In organizations like hospitals information must be communicated between its workers freely and precisely. Another benefit of teamwork for the patient is that health care professionals can assist in less known and more complex health issues. Since different physicians approach the problem from their own perspectives, this makes it easier to find a required solution.

While being in the team, professionals stay focused on their areas of medicine. Each professional approaches certain issue from his or her own perspective and analyzes the situation using his or her methods. The contribution to the solution of a certain problem of every division in medicine allows health care providers to offer their patients more diverse and reliable treatment. Moreover, health care professionals become more satisfied and pleased with their day-to-day activities. As was mentioned before, they also gain a lot of additional knowledge from their colleagues, and this allows them to widen the scope of their practices. This makes their work even more professional and provides them with more confidence in their decisions. Another important advantage of the teamwork is that it motivates health care professionals to strive for innovations. While several people are working on the same issue, they often come to a point, when they realize there is something missing in the system, or that a certain component could be improved. In a case like this, they become much focused on the problem and try to find a solution collectively, which develops and improves the functioning of the entire organization and health care providing process.

Making a Teamwork in Health Care 
Effective All the advantages listed above indicate on the importance of applying effective teamwork to a health care providing organization. The advantage of professionals working together as a team does not only apply to patients and physicians, but also improves the functioning of any organization providing health care to a great extent. Hospitals do profit a lot from their employees being fully satisfied with the environment they work in, and their clients being well treated and unquestionably pleased with the provided service. Teamwork plays a significant role for an organization in terms of time and cost savings. Therefore, each organization has to strive for encouraging teamwork among their employees. There were many researches made in order to find the ways to train organization’s employees to become successful team players. Due to the diversity of the organizations, it is very difficult to find one method, which will work for every team. It is easier for new organizations providing health care services to set a required environment within their professional teams. Oppositely from the new organizations, old and settled ones can suffer from inability to change their systems, to which everyone got used to. In that case, organization’s management must take appropriate steps in order to make changes and help its employees to accept and adapt to these changes. Most likely, settled organizations will be faced with the strong reluctance of their health care professionals to change the process of their work and to become dependent on other organization’s physicians. In that case, before announcing a new approach to the organizations team’s functioning, management must provide its employees with a certain seminar, which will explain the importance of teamwork in details and will convince them in the necessity of applying this method to their day-to-day operations. After the courses, the changes must be made slowly and carefully. This can be done through giving a certain project to work on for a group of physicians from different divisions. The best way to encourage the teamwork within the organization is to let employees realize the importance of it themselves.

Teamwork among the professionals providing health care services is a very important topic in our days. There are many researches and discussion on this issue lately. Organizations providing health care services realized the significance of having teams of professionals in different areas working closely together on the same projects. These practices add to their patients’ satisfaction level, their employees’ willingness to work and innovate, and their own profit.
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