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Research Papers on Dylan Thomas Fern Hill

Research Papers on Fern Hill

The poem Fern Hill written by Dylan Tomas, is about one man reminiscing about his youthful past and glorious childhood. Through countless metaphors, images and symbolism the reader is introduced to this wonderful world full of imagination and reflection. The boy recalls an easy going, carefree life. Surrounded by; rich meadows, wooden valleys, beautiful playgrounds and gorgeous apple orchids. He reminisces about laying under an apple tree, dark with shade and not having a care in the world. He has memories of pretending to be the prince of the apple town and enjoys being loved by all. Much like how most young children, pretend to be something, or someone else. There is a sense of happiness in this time of the child's life, for he sings happily expressing his emotions.

Through these many joyful memories, as we read on we realize how there is also a sense of sadness as the young man soon realizes how his youth is soon leaving him.

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(Quoter lines 12-14) As more childhood memories are presented, such as taking the identity of the herdsman or a huntsman. The boy expresses his feelings through the sounds of his horn and animals such as the foxes and the calves respond. The sounds of the Sabbath rang throughout the valley on this restful Sunday which gives us a sense of calmness.

That day, there was a bright warm welcoming sun which glowed over the fields. The harvest was good this year, because there are many hay barrels, almost as high as the houses. We also can hear the sounds of the wind whistling through the chimneys. As night approached, the child remembers other childhood memories as he falls asleep to the sounds of the night. We are introduced to many night creatures such as; owls, horses and nightjar. They personally add images and sounds to create a solemn surroundings.

The child awakes in the morning and the reader is given the sense of peacefulness and a serene environment. The boy remembers morning sights as; the farms, sounds of the roosters crowing, dew in the meadows, sun fields or horses walking through the stable. White symbolizes; calm, beauty, peacefulness for it was a new day. References are also made to the bible and Adam and Eve in relation to the world and its creations.

Suddenly, the poem brings us back to reality, where the young carefree boy believe he will live forever. Every day he has a new opportunity to attack the obstacle called life, and believe he has more than one chance day after day.

The last few lines of the poem bring us back to reality that life is full of joys and sadness. All good things do come to an end. As the end draws near you reflect on how wonderful your life was. But also keeping in mind what the future may bring. As children your dreams take you places, with age it happens less often. For example: The boy doesn't see the farm in the same eyes as he once did. In childhood, days seem to be long and endless. As your youthfulness becomes shorter so do the days. In conclusion this poem reminds us to appreciate and hold on to our childhood memories. It tells us that " . . . It is in the remembering that we can cherish the joys of what were; it is in the same memories we can be sad for that which is no more, and it is in knowing both, that we realize that we can live life to the fullest."
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