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Anorexia Research Proposal

Anorexia Research Proposal

Anorexia is a serious problem, which attracts an attention of wide publicity. Different authors and orators address this problem in different ways. In my essay I will compare the way the problem of anorexia is addressed in different genres. I will compare personal narration given during the lecture about anorexia, official information from governmental medical magazine, scientific magazine and popular magazine for women. Using this example I will trace the way of information presentation is influenced by different genres.

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The choice of genre is conditioned by the audience. Oral speech during the lecture was addressed to young audience. Emotional appeal and vivid and bright examples and personal attachments to the information have become distinctive features of this speech. This is an extract from this speech : During the war time millions of people were dying of famine just because there had nothing to eat. Nowadays a lot of people are also dying of hunger, although they have food. How is it possible in times when people can afford practically everything they want? How could young beautiful girls die of hunger in the 21st century? The only possible answer is anorexia. Anorexia is an eating disorder which is closely connected with personality disorders caused by the obsessive desire to be slim and thin. For many people anorexia is a disease of top models, who are obsessed with dieting and keeping fit. In reality this problem is much more serious and widespread than we can imagine. Despite the fact that anorexia has deep roots it has become wide spread in modern Europe and America. There is a kind of paradox: this disorder is most common among prosperous people of higher social classes. How can this fact be explained? Why do people torture themselves and undermine their health? It may sound surprisingly but everything begins with one harmful diet. You want to lose a few pounds and to look gorgeous in your new dress, you just start eating a bit less than before, and then you deny yourself breakfast and the vicious circle starts.

Then you start avoiding situations that involve food and meal breaks. You become conscious of all people around you. Friends begin to notice that you lose weight but you do not listen to them. Parents start paying attention to this and you just try to excuse saying that you want to fit into dress. You avoid talks about food and weight while your brain is occupied only by these thoughts. One day you realize that you cannot stop not eating and your life is in danger. The main aim of this speech is to attack readers’ attention to this problem and get emotional response from.

Academic sources usually contain exact data and numbers. Evidence based research is among the main methods used by scientific authors. For example Sullivan in his article published in scientific magazine gives the rates of mortality, caused by anorexia. His arguments are based on scientific data and are proved by multiple surveys. It investigates the problem from the scientific point of view not taking into account and moral, ethical and emotive aspects. The annual death rate that is associated with anorexia is 12 times higher than the death rate for all other cases females between 16 and 24 years old. “The death rate associated with anorexia nervosa alone is more than 12 times higher than the overall death rate among young women in the general population.” (Sullivan, 1995) Every day women all over the world die because of anorexia and still this problem is not analyzed in a proper way. Such kind of arguments can be very persuasive because it gives exact numbers and attracts the attention of the audience to the problem. In addition, official statistics add credibility to the information given by the author. High credibility and use of special terminology are the main peculiarities of academic genre. Official statistics are one of the most credible sources of information. Cavangugh in his research study gives this kind of information to the audience. He uses exact data and proved facts. In his book he explores causes and consequences of this disease.

As he states, the consequences of anorexia are very serious. It has a wide range of medical complications, such as changes in the functions of kidneys and gastrointestinal system. All in all it can have an impact on every system of our organism and endanger our lives. Statistics show that among all people who suffer from anorexia only 42 percent completely recover, 30 percent improve their health and 20 percent suffer from eating disorders all their life (Cavanaugh, 1999).

Information about anorexia which was published in popular magazine was written in stylistically colored language, which contained a lot of vivid examples. Colorful writing was used in order to attract the people’s attention to the problem discussed. An article contained not only emotional appeal but also practical advice aiming to help people with this kind of disease. People with anorexia have strong fear of gaining weight and cannot perceive their shape and body in a proper way.

People have an obsession with their weight; they think they are extremely fat even when they are so skinny that their lives can be in danger. They usually keep to such a diet and restrict food so much that soon they start losing their weight and cannot stop this process. What is more dangerous such people try to hide this fact from their nearest and dearest and continue dieting. If people realize the fact that they cannot stop their dieting and ask for help there is a great possibility that they will recover. But only one woman in one hundred realizes that she is ill and that she is not able to overcome this problem without doctors’ help. In most cases people with anorexia either do not mention their illness at all or try to get rid of it by own forces. That is why this problem must care us, it is necessary to take people around us who suffer from such terrible illness. We must remember that it is in our strength. (Aronson, 1997)

To make a conclusion, I have analyzed recent information about anorexia presented in different sources: personal narration given during the lecture about anorexia, official information from governmental medical magazine, scientific magazine and popular magazine for women. Every genre has its peculiar features. Personal narration is characterized by the use of stylistically coloured words, which help to express the narrator’s point of view and evaluate the situation, while governmental medical magazine presents precise data, statistics. Information in scientific magazine is oriented on qualified in medical sphere readers and so this so contains special medical terms. Popular magazine for women contains both, personal evaluation of this problem and the facts but we can not be sure about the accuracy of these facts.

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