Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Research Paper on Voting

How to Fight Voter Apathy among Young People

In general voting is very much tied to age, education, social status and income of people. Those factors are crucial while exploring reasons and solutions in age segments that do not participate or just ignore votes.

Apathy among voters aged 18-24 is a problem that is relevant for already many years. There can be a list of reasons because of which young people ignore this event. I would like investigate into them and try to propose solutions for all of them.


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1. Young people are already fed up with politics.
2. They think that their vote will make no difference.
3. No representatives in parties.
4. Young people are hard to mobilize; they are too busy to participate (studying, building career).
5. Instability in young people lives.
6. Technical matters (registration process can be just too complicated).
7. Political campaigns are negative.

Starting with the first reason, I would like to emphasize that this one is critical and it is difficult to fight it, but positive mass media reports and less saturated popularization of political parties and politics in general can work.

Then, providing youth with statistical data with bright examples where one vote decided the result of the elections can be effective. It can be also commercial that is not related directly to politics, but with the same idea where each single voice or effort matters and is crucial for the outcome.

Parties should create separate youth related departments, which would specially be engaged with youth problems and where young people could receive a feedback for their worries or simply questions. Parties can also adjust their political campaigns to young people needs, accept more young people of this age group to their parties to show that they are open for cooperation and they really care. Making special concerts, attracting celebrities will definitely be effective, but still there are no warranties that people in the day of elections will definitely come and vote.

Government can make the Day of Elections a holiday or promote a legal act in which will be stated that students or working people can freely participate in elections and allot special time for this. It can also simplify the registration process and make it more convenient.

Franklin defined the main reason for the apathy as instability in young people lives. This question is very deep and touches the whole legal, social, economical and financial support of young people aged 18-24. This should be decided not only when politicians want people to vote. Youth should feel constant support from the side of the government in all stated spheres and probably only then they will one day wake up in the morning, watch the calendar, realize that this is the day of elections and say to themselves: “I love my country and I feel that it takes care of me. I want my country to prosper and that is why I will go now and choose leaders who have the same views as I do.”
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