Monday, July 16, 2012

Research Paper on Blogging

Pros and Contras of Corporate Blogging

Nowadays, blogging becomes increasingly more popular to the extent that many companies implement corporate blogging as an essential part of their organizational culture. Nevertheless, corporate blogging is a relatively new phenomenon that needs to be thoroughly discussed before practical introduction. In other words, before introuding a corporate blogging it is necessary to objectively evaluate its potential effectiveness and define whether it will be beneficial for a company or not.


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First of all, it should be pointed out that the introduction of corporate blogging is considered by many companies as an essential step since the development of new technologies forces companies to implement new tools that help them share information and simply communicate. In this respect, corporate blogging may be really effective and it provides ample opportunities for a company to share and spread information more effectively. In this respect, that the corporate blogging may be used by the company’s executives. Due to this innovation, they can share the recent news and latest information they receive from different sources that relates to the functioning of the company and may be interesting to their colleagues. Moreover, they can also share their knowledge on the condition that they operate in the intranet and there is no external access to the corporate blogging.

Furthermore, with the help of the corporate blogging it is possible to constantly keep the finger on the pulse and react respectively on any changes or new information learned from the blog. At the same time, this may be a really effective way of communication between executives or any other members of an organization since it is possible access the corporate blog at any time and practically at any place. In such a way, executives being in different countries, for instance, can maintain the communication and receive the latest information concerning the company and its functioning and share their own ideas. At the same time, the corporate blogging permits to receive the feedback on certain changes or innovations implemented in the company that is also quite useful.

On the other hand, before introducing the corporate blog, it is also necessary to take into consideration certain disadvantages. First of all, sharing important information via bloggin may be potentially dangerous because, regardless a sophisticated IS, there is still a risk of breaches or hacking. Furthermore, the corporate blogging provides opportunities to share information and ideas, but such communication is impersonal and, thus, its effectiveness decreases substantially. Also, it is necessary to remember that maintaining the corporate blogging may be time consuming since it is necessary to have a specialist or specialists who would be responsible for the maintenance of the corporate blog.

Thus, it is obvious that the corporate blogging may be quite effective and has a number of advantages increasing the effectiveness of sharing of knowledge and information within the company. On the other hand, its benefits will outweigh potential risks only on the condition that the maintenance of the corporate blog does not affect the performance of the personnel and the company at large and its security is high enough.
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