Friday, August 10, 2012

How to Write a Master's Research Proposal

How to Write a Good Master's Research Proposal

When you plan to prepare a research paper, bare in mind that you have to write a good research proposal at first. Writing a Master’s research proposal is a delicate process which demands strict organization and responsibility. It is quite obvious that a Master's research proposal should be more complicated than the research proposals of the previous years. The standards are higher, so you have to take more efforts to achieve positive results and win the permission to write a research paper. Sometimes students have difficulties with proposal writing, so there are high-quality Master’s research proposal writing tips which will be useful for every young professional.

Master's Research Proposal Writing Guidelines:
  1. First of all think about a good topic for the research. It is important to choose a narrow topic, because it will be easier for you to research it and on the other hand, general topics which present vast amounts of information on various areas are often rejected by the teachers. Then, create a good title for your research proposal. Remember that it should be as short as possible but illustrate the idea of the whole research proposal, the problem under research and its urgency. Write a few words about the value of your research, what has been investigated by different scholars before and what new ideas you are going to present.
  2. Now write about the methods and techniques which will help you conduct your research and achieve the predicted goals. Teachers are always interested in methodology, so devote enough time for this section to make it look perfect. Using a great number of techniques and methods, you demonstrate your knowledge and professional skills of a young scholar. Write the outline and the timetable to show your future research process. When the teacher sees that you have planed the whole process demonstrating every stage and step in detail, your proposal will likely be approved.
  3. Write a list of literary sources, equipment and facilities which will help you make a research. The more facilities you use, the better chances you have, but bare in mind that the research itself will be more complicated. Remember to divide your Master’s research proposal into categories to make it look nice and logical.
  4. Try to meet with your supervisor any time you have serious questions or problems. Every university has its own standards and requirements, so you should consult with your supervisor to make sure you are on the right way. Make sure you prepare your proposal according to the required formats, whether you have organized it properly. When you have completed your proposal, try to proofread it scrupulously to avoid any mistakes which can spoil the general view of your paper. 
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