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Research Proposal on Smoking

Research Proposal on Smoking

It has already been claimed everywhere for millions of times that smoking is harmful for individual’s health. It not only can lead to lung cancer and lesson one’ s life, but also during the life period it slows down processes of metabolism and deteriorate nearly all essential human organs.

A person gets used to smoking and becomes an addict that is even worse as he stops to be thinking individual. Person loses his own power of will and becomes unable to make decisions by his own. His smoking habit becomes uncontrollable and smoking becomes the leading power of his life.

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There are a lot of points of view upon smoking question, but what bothers me the most- is smoking in public places. Passive smoking is defined by scientists as being even more harmful than active one. Passive smokers in general cannot be protected from this influence and there should be commonly introduced regulations on the state level in order to protect non-smokers’ rights and freedoms.

There are a lot restaurants, clubs, enterprises and companies where people can choose which area to be in- smoking or non-smoking. But in general, when a person leaves his house, where only he decides what to do and how to behave and what air to breathe, he is no longer protected from the harmful influence.

Having smoked for about five years and after quitting this habit for about three year, I have classified people’s attitudes towards smoking in public places into four categories. First category are people who are violent enemies of smoking, they do not smoke, never smoked and claim that will never put a cigarette into their mouth. One of the brightest representatives was professor of oncology who thoroughly studied all smoking consequences for health. He was strongly contra all types of smoking- passive and active and of course contra smoking in public places. The second category can be called democratic one. It refers to people who equally understand both sides, but still do not smoke. As to the representatives, one of them was a Chief Executive Officer of one large financial consulting group, who had equipped special rooms –smoking areas, which were accordingly conditioned and totally separated from non-smoking personnel. He is a friend of my father and I have always admired his clear and calm mind and behavior. He was not smoking by himself, as he was practicing yoga and he didn’t need that, but he still cared of his smoking colleagues and subordinates not judging them and just trying to understand and allow them to do what they want to. He always said that each person is responsible for himself only and for his own choice, and that is why it is no sense to forbid smoking in the company.

The third category was absolutely indifferent to this matter. They didn’t care for smoking or not smoking, doing this on public or not. They were just interested in themselves and not in their surrounding. As an example I would like to write about my aunt who cared only of her appearance, TV shows and her favorite dog. When I asked her why she smokes and why she can’t understand that it is harmful for her appearance, beauty and health, she used to answer me that it is no sense in dying healthy and she can handle her beauty with cosmetics help and surgeon interference. She also always insisted on the fact that live is too short to restrict yourself and there is no sense in this, and that is why she will always do what she likes and if it would correspond to her inner beliefs and would be her true desire, it will never do any harm to her.

The forth category was very much interested in ecological matters of smoking. They usually were occupied with the diminishing ozone volume, global ecological problems and problems of lack of fresh air for all living beings on the world. Examples of this category were my friends from the university with ecology major, who decided to make what bothered them a lot the work of all their lives.
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