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Research Paper on Information Technology

Information Technology Research Paper

Several years ago, the term “certified specialist” was rousing bewilderment. Today, the situation has changed. To be competitive in the IT market requires extensive knowledge, experience, and certification as the confirmation of the professional status. Undoubtedly, the success of modern man is largely dependent on his work. How to make the work to be interesting and at the same to be time paying?  As well, everyone wants to have the possibility of professional growth and fast promotion track.

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Experts in Information Technology
The experts in information technology hold a special place in the labor market. Many staffing agencies specialize only in finding of such experts. Moreover, a resume of the expert is added to the database of these agencies in the presence of special education and a certificate confirming the professional knowledge. Certification is an integral part of decision-making process of hiring and promotion of staff in companies.

From the position of the applicant: in order to be confident in the future, to be competitive in the IT market, it requires not only extensive knowledge and experience, the applicant need to be certified and obtain professional status. This will provide maximum assurance of employment in USA and in any country in the world. From the position of the employer: in order to maximize a confidence in the effectiveness of investment in the company’s information resources, to protect  an automation system against errors and faults, which may result from the work of unqualified expert, to improve the quality of customer service, it requires an independent, objective confirmation of specialist knowledge (Tajfar, 2008).

Testing in international testing centers is precisely such an objective and consistent method of assessing the competence of the staff. Questions in the tests associated with the key tasks that experts should deal in their daily work. Large corporations and companies that develop software and hardware offer new tests almost simultaneously with the issuance of new products or new equipment. There are special schemes to pass the tests to get different ranks and statuses. Microsoft, for example, has eight certification programs, Novell - five, etc. List of companies that offers technical specialists to get international recognition and affirmation of their skills is great enough (Elliott, 2004).

Basic certification programs are offered by the following vendors: Microsoft, Oracle, RedHat, Cisco, IBM, Novell, Sun Microsystem.  The first company that started using a specialist’s certification program was Novell in 1989. It was the program Certificated Novell Engineer (CNE) that defines the requirements for the engineer-administrator, which could support the information systems based on products of Novell. By 1993, nearly 20 leading IT companies have established their system of certification. At the same time, it has been revealed a leader, the Microsoft Company, on the market of certification programs (Bocij, Greasley and Hickie, 2008).
At its core, the certificate is a document in which any company (Microsoft, Sylvan Prometrics, Brainbench, Novel, etc.) officially confirms knowledge, accomplishments, and experience in the field of information technology. Certificate is not just an indication that its holder has passed the theoretical foundations of the course but documented evidence of high professionalism of certified specialist that shows that knowledge of IT specialists corresponds to the current level of development of information technology (Elliott, 2004).

Problems of Finding Qualified IT Professionals
In the last decade, the company faced an acute problem of finding qualified IT professionals. The problem is so serious that many companies are willing to spend huge amounts of money from its budget to attract new professionals. Thus, if there is an access to certified specialists, the preference is often given to him. In addition, a certified specialist can be qualified for a prestigious job closed to other employees.

It should be noted that certified IT professionals receive a higher salary, especially when it comes to specialization in the field of networking equipment and Internet-based technologies that are in great demand today. This is confirmed by the results of the CRN research, according to which, in 2001 the average annual income of the professionals, who have received certification under the standard of CCIE Cisco, exceeded earnings of the uncertified one by 75%, meanwhile, the salary of engineers certified by Sun for work with JAVA - by 37% (Bott, 2005)
Large companies have to pay big money to experts in whom they are need for. They are perfectly aware of that the successful use of information technology is one of the factors that have a significant impact on the effective business management. At the beginning of 2007, a training company Mastering published their own studies, which have shown that specialists certified by Microsoft in operating systems work more efficiently, and the organizations employing them save significant funds. As a result, there are the improvement of the quality of work, reducing the downtime of network servers, and a significant reduction in errors. All this leads to the fact that the number of managers supporting the idea of the certification of their professionals is steadily increasing (Gentle, 2007).

Assessment of the IT Certification
As well, the certificate can have a psychological impact, causing the trust, a beneficial influence on the formation and improvement of an individual image. It is no coincidence that there are many certifications framed in beautiful ornate frames that placed at the most visible position where IT professionals work.

The main advantages of certification are as follows:
  • Allows obtaining a documented evidence of professionalism.
  • Reflects the real quality of knowledge and the experience gained in the field of IT.
  • Allows to check the own forces.
  • Gives the employer an opportunity to exercise a better quality selection of the narrow skill professionals.
  • Gives an advantage in finding employment.
  • Creates favorable conditions for the implementation of career.
  • Contributes to obtaining high salary.
  • Enhances the prestige.
  • Has a psychological impact: attracts attention, inspires confidence and respect.
  • Shows the dedication of a specialist.
Informational technologies have great perspectives as one can easily observe the globalization of the modern world. Thus, IT specialist still will be in high demand in the nearest future. Today, experts can only predict how quickly the informational technologies will be developed and what benefits will be.
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