Thursday, December 22, 2011

Overpopulation Research Paper

Research Paper on Overpopulation

Controlling the overpopulation is something all of us might do. Government, politicians, doctors, and even church should be involved because this planet will not support the increasing population for a longer time even thought we think it will. Three aspects will be considered, from the easiest to the hardest, and these are advertisement, laws, and the roll of the church. First, advertisement is easiest solution, or let's says the easiest way people start to think and then do something about it.

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Having done campaigns about birth control is something many countries have done since overpopulation started to be a threat to their life. Giving condoms for free is also other way to do it.

Although people are not thinking about this problem they are helping to fix it, or at least, not to increase it. Having changed the way people see this issue, we can start changing how the law sees it too, and that exactly is our next possible solution. Restricting the number of children couples could have, would be the first step. Then legalize the abortion based on the last statement because there is always the possibility for women to get pregnant. In addition, make men to do a procedure in order not to ejaculate when they are having sex after the first or the second children. Obviously, these laws will be made by the government based on the necessities of each country or their beliefs. The last and probably the hardest part is to make church to be involved in the problem, yet unfortunately religions or at least their interpretation opposites completely to control the control of overpopulation for one or another reason.

We have to make religious realized by facts and/or statistics that they have to teach their followers to control the number of people in their families and use birth control, or use any method to rationalize the number of people on the planet. Having made them think about it, we would have made a huge progress having power over this issue. At the end, no matter how we would "attack" the problem if is with advertisement, laws, or involving church in the process, yet we need to do something against this predicament that worries at least one third of the population and must of the governments on the planet; the overpopulation.
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