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Paul Revere Research Paper

Research Paper on Paul Revere

Paul Revere is one of America's greatest hero's from the American Revolution. He saved many lives in his midnight ride during the Boston massacre. He was an idol to every ones eyes, so he should be honored and put in Madame Tussaud's Was Museum. During 1774 through the spring of 1775 Paul Revere was working for the Boston Committee of Correspondence and the Massachusetts Committee of Safety. For his work he was an express rider, so he had to carry news, messages, and copies of resolutions as far away as New York and Philadelphia. On the night of April 18, 1775 he was sent to ride to Lexington, Massachusetts to warn Sam Adams and John Hancock that the British troops were coming for them.

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So, on his way to warn them he warned every house he went by from Boston to Lexington. He got to the place they were staying at, at about midnight. When he got there William Dawes then joined him. They decided, on their own, to continue to Concord, Massachusetts where all the weapons were hidden. Then the third rider, Dr. Samuel Prescott, joined them. A little after he joined them, before they got to Concord, British troops arrested them. William Dawes and Dr. Samuel Prescott escaped pretty quickly, but Paul didn't escaped. After a while they released him.

He had no horse to ride so he had to walk all the way to Lexington. Paul Rivoire (Revere) was born in December of 1734. His parents are Apollos Rivoire and Deborah Rivoire; her maiden name is Hichborn. A while after immigrating to America, Paul changed his last name of Rivoire to Revere. 

Paul was the second of at least nine children; there could have possibly been 12 children. He was also the oldest surviving son. He went to school at North Writing School. In 1754 his father died which made him have to get most of his families income. He married Sarah Orne in 1757, but unfortunately she died in 1773. So, a little after Sarah died he got married to Rachel Walker.

When Paul was 76 he retired and left his copper business to his sons and grandchildren. During Paul Revere's last years he was healthy and he died on May 10, 1818 of natural causes. So, Paul had an effecting life on American history. He saved many lives and served his country. He is very inspiring to me, and I think everyone should take a lesson from him and don't only worry about yourself, you should put everyone else before you think about yourself. He should be honored for his bravery and remembered forever so show your pride and put Paul Revere in Madame Tussaud's Was Museum.

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