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Research Paper on Nursing

Research Paper on Nursing

For this research paper assignment I have read a speech by Professor Donna Diers titled 'Finding Nursing'. I found her speech interesting and one that I could relate to. Her speech makes one consider the total concept of nursing. Not as an Art or Science, but what nursing is really about. "Finding nursing" is to understand the human perspective of nursing. The feeling of nursing. Professor Diers is writing from a nursing background, which is evidenced by her educational background. Although she is an American nurse she is also closely involved with nursing in Australia. This lady is known for her "impassioned support of the nurse practitioner and other advanced roles".

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On reading her background and knowing her deep commitment to nursing I found that I wanted to fully understand her speech and give deep consideration to her opinions. In this speech I believe Professor Diers wants the reader to believe that nursing is a complex role that has to cover many avenues. Nursing is not a career that can be defined as scientific and/or an art. Nursing stands alone with no real definition that would satisfy those that want to put it into a particular 'basket'. Nursing is about "Feeling". On page 4 of the speech Professor Diers states "helping famil(ies) to grieve," on page 5 she mentions Amy and her nurse and we read "feel their pain and their unity" On the same page Professor Diers cites "Nursing puts us in touch with being human".

To me to be human is to 'feel'. Professor Diers uses evidence on feeling from Megan-Jane Johnstone (page 2) that stated "The medicalisation of emotion is something which all caring, sensitive and feeling people need to be very aware of and ever vigilant to avoid" Then on page 6 of the speech Professor Diers again uses a poem written by Jeanne LeVasseur titled "The Lullaby". Once again this poem emphasizes the importance of feeling. I found no other evidence which allowed me to question her opinions, I read an article by Parker who discusses nursing as an art and/or science but that article does not go into the feeling of nursing.

In her speech on page 2 Professor Diers mentions the art when she relates the story of Colter and his worry about 'girl blood or boy blood" and on page 4 the science when she recites from Judy Lumby about technological devices. Mainly her speech is about the human side. To be human is to feel. Professor Diers assumes that the audience is leaders in nursing or all that listen and/or read her speech have a knowledge of nursing and therefore understand about nursing and the complexities of the profession. The assumptions that Professor Diers has made about her audience is that they are nursing professionals.

In her speech she states "I hope you the leadership in nursing here etc". Therefore she is assuming that the audience is offay with nursing. Her speech is mainly directed at academics but can be easily understood by all that are involved in nursing. As a nurse I consider that she wrote it for others and me in this field of work. To my way of understanding Professor Diers would like all nurses to understand that nursing is not about science or art but that it is about feeling.

I think many nurses would agree with her but we would find that the ones that would disagree would be medical personnel who function on "their own values". Professor Diers quotes Megan-Jane Johnstone on page 2 of her speech about two American psychiatrists who did a study about nurses working in an abortion clinic. They refused to look at the feeling side and with no data made an assumption. My own personal viewpoint has always been that nursing is about feeling so therefore the speech has not changed my perspective in any way. It has re-inforced my idea that nursing is about feeling . As nurses we need to put ourselves in the position of the patient.

How would we feel if we were in the same condition? Nursing involves many emotions, we deal with birth, death, suicide attempts to name a few. We need to think how we would feel when we attempt to educate what we see as the 'non compliant' patient who has to adjust to lifestyle modifications. How would we feel if it were us? How many times do we hear "my relative was never like this before" or "that patient in bed number such and such is such a pain"? We need to stop and consider how they are feeling. As nurses we feel the joy of birth or a successful outcome to an illness. I would like to quote from a nurse that told me about a patient who had a CVA.

This patient left the hospital with deficits but 3 months later she visited the ward that she was cared for to let them see how she had virtually fully recovered to live her own independent life again. The nurse involved with a lot of her care was thrilled. This is feeling. We feel the good and the not so good. So do our patients. This is what Professor Diers is stating in her speech when she cites many quotes about nursing.

There is much I could say on the "feeling" about nursing but the above will have to suffice. To begin with I had difficulty in reading her speech until I read that it was "published in hard copy so that you too can see what I've been reading". Up until then I felt that her speech was rather boring. Once I thought about that statement I realised that Professor Diers had written this speech for an audience and that it was in hard copy in regards to referencing so I began reading it and putting inflection into my reading and imaging that I was there listening, it was then that I found her speech wonderful. I then understood what the writer was saying about nursing. I really could sense her "feeling" for nursing. Feeling is what 'Finding Nursing' is all about.

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